Sunday, March 21, 2010

Officially Spring

I do apologize for being so seemingly absent to my blog followers.

Last season the poisoning of my creatures took me down to the last thread in my soul. The over wintering at full capacity drained my physical portion as well. I will eventually adapt to that experience... although adapt is inadequate of a description.... I might heal .... might not fully recover ever .... remains to be seen.

Many things happening here at the Orphanage. Much activity both statewide and nationwide as far as getting wildlife awareness vocalized. RR6Public has been quiet with everyone trying to recoup from last season while preparing for new neonates and orphaned wildlings. Our amazing Kathryn is now writing articles for Milwaukee's Examiner. How proud I am to have her part of our mission! Read what she says so eloquently as the Urban Wildlife Examiner We are very excited in the reforms we can help institute. Please read her articles, subscribe, comment, be part of our wildlife reform! Especially you urbanites and city folk. Help us make great changes for our communities and the wildlife in our backyards. It's a win-win double win situation.

I have a series of educational posts coming up. Hopefully this will assist you urbanites that are now or soon will be finding/seeing wildlife near you. Hope you'll consider helping us get the info out on how to find your local wildlife rehabber when you need one.

"Some estimate that every year over 700 small children and over 10,000 animals are poisoned by antifreeze, drawn by its sweet taste. Antifreeze poisoning likely causes many more illnesses and deaths that are never identified as such."

Urge YOUR Congressional Rep to support H.R. 615, The Antifreeze Bittering Act of 2009
Click here to find if your representative is on the committee or contact your representative ... contact your congress members ... encourage him or her to support this when it gets to Congress.

Sign the petition here:

If this were already a law, I would not have lost the wildlife that suffered from glycol poisoning here at the Orphanage last season. Please help by supporting H.R. 615 ... Having seen first hand the horrible death this poisoning produces? And knowing a wild animal only needs to walk through it to become poisoned? This means feral cats, squirrels, stray dogs, all creatures are at risk of this to happen.