Sunday, November 22, 2009

Friday, November 13, 2009

Changes in the Air

Changes. Can you feel them in the air? The spirit song of the Indian Princess to her creatures of the forest echoes in the eves of houses and the leaves that are left of the trees. The wind cries back to her in return, wailing for justice, mercy, help. Mass indignation of the wildlings that were driven from their long time homes and forced to live amongst the hoomans to survive. Now being mercilessly killed and forced to endure lives of bondage and dependence living in the sewers of the cities. Even the very creatures domesticated have been thrown away to become a new and devastating problem for Mother Earth and her wild ones. Feral cats being considered for hunting season? Hunting seasons already killing so many of our wild creatures that need to be preserved? Allowing the man to kill for thrill and justify enjoyment of torturing these creatures.

Yes. The Indian Princess is singing her long ago song to the creatures of the wild. And on the wind you can hear their return wailings, they are telling her that one species cannot hear her and they are destroying us all. Changes. Changes need to happen and are indeed on the verge of beginning. Can you feel it in the air? Be prepared and listen for the Princess's song. You will not see her outside of your window ... but you will hear her .... and be sure to listen for the replies in the wind. For it is then that you will understand.