Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Question to the Rehab Community

From: "Haverty, Jennifer L - DNR"
Subject: 'possum, was GHOW available for placement

on a related topic -

I have a young opossum with a traumatic amputation of a front foot. I
suspect a trap.

Do you, or anyone you know, have experience with a successful
re-introduction to the wild, under those circumstances? Just how critical
for survival would that front foot be? She can move around, and climb to
at least some degree, although the stump is not fully healed yet.


If you have thoughts on this, please click "comment" below this post.
GHOW was a Great Horned Owl that needed placement just fyi.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Do you know?

Today is squirrel appreciation day. Lots of tail twitching and chasing girlie friends in the wild right now. Be extra careful on the roads because the wildlife have other things on their minds right now and watching for vehicles is not on the top of the list.

It's breeding season for our wild ones everywhere right now. Spring birthing will begin in a few short weeks. Please respect our wildlife's needs and be extra cautious. Watch them, enjoy them, but please leave them alone so they can do their wild life things. The LBA wants their birth mothers to raise them, not to see them in our hands.



Thursday, January 15, 2009

Deep Freeze in the Northwoods

Yesterday the kids were told not to come to school today due to the deep freeze. Currently it is -23F with the windchill {that's -30.5C for my world wide friends}. The CoonCam window has been difficult to get the ice off to view the cam so was offline most of the morning. Nobody's moving around out in the Coondo this morning anyway.

Was watching some Ellen videos this morning and the word for the Raccoon Orphanage today is: just say no to putting lipstick on pigs.

Friday, January 9, 2009

New CoonCam!!

Photos are Arajah on intake & after care

And today the CoonCam arrived from the "Operation CoonCam" project at SX. Inside informants tell me the responsible parties are: Diana, Steph55, Soroya, Bonnie, Ewa, Cookie, Donna, Kim, and our fearless leader Adam. Thanks so much to all of you!!

This CoonCam can be mounted on a helmet and runs on batteries. What this means is that future release videos can be the complete release as I view it! I don't think Operation CoonCam knew how handy this little feature is!!

Meanwhile, we are still trying to get live streaming video out to everyone. For some reason only some can get the live feed, and others cannot. This is not broswer specific either so am running out of things to look at as the problem. Any input would be helpful. Just post a comment on this post and it'll get to me.

Thanks everybody for what you do to help our wildlife!!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

So much happens ... so little time

Please excuse the fly-by post today. I am doing some serious multi-tasking here.

By the way -- this is Bonzai in the pic on the right. I mentioned he was not going to make it in the Coondo over wintering. Spent all his time making little snowballs and eating them just shivering. Never did put any autumn fat on his tail. Anyway, now he is hibernating somewhat and has put on a few pounds since New Year's Eve.

The CoonCam bit the dust. Started smoking and stinking and switched a breaker fuse even. Kaput went the CoonCam.

So I made mention of it on the CoonCam page. Also complained on StartXChange in the chat room - they were all helping get the live streaming working. A few days later when I let Kamir outside at around 1:30 a.m. here is a box on the porch. UPS delivery. It's a new CoonCam from Bill in the Adirondaks!! So I go post that in the SX Chat and come to find out that there was a covert operation going on in the ranks of Team Clean Living. So it appears we will have two views of the Raccoon Orphanage soon.

So of course, as soon as daylight was here I set up the new CoonCam and Soroya in Australia saw her first live snow. She has also seen her very first coonies ever. What do you think of that LBA?

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!!

Well. Things are interesting at the orphanage.

Bonzai finally had to be removed from the Coondo so he didn't freeze himself to death. He was spending all of his waking hours making little snowballs and eating them. Since removing him from the Coondo, the others are staying in torpor -- it would appear Bonzai has been keeping them all awake by his inability to hibernate. He's where he can see mama now and is sleeping like a baby most of the time. Manages maybe one temper tantrum in the morning, but it's the komd's fault -- they don't know each other [yet].