Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Love of a Rehabber

The Circle of Life, Reunited with Nature

You came to me young and afraid.
It was then that I prayed.
Help me with this tiny one.
Help him grow up big and strong.
And you grew with every day.
Round and round and round you'd play.
Then stop to look as if to say,
"Oh, momma, aren't I sweet?"
"May I have a little treat?"

When the day comes that we part,
my heart will pause then seem to stop.
I know how it will be.
You will run, then climb a tree.
This is great and meant to be…

So, why does this tear me up inside,
even though I'm full of pride?

"If I could talk, here's what I'd say.
Thank you for taking me in that day.
For feeding, cleaning and cuddling too,
when I was young and so brand new.
All to prepare for this one awesome day,
so I could be free and do as I may."

So, where do these tears come from?
This was a job that was well done.

"No need for you to cry too long,
for I'm great big, healthy and strong.
Can climb a tree and swim a stream.
From day one, this was my dream.
I'm so very, ready to roam.
Please trust I'll find myself a nice home."

Oh, why does this make me ache inside,
now that our goal is satisfied?

"It's ok, your work is done!
Now let me go to have my fun!
I'll be fine, no need to fret.
Miss me some, but don't forget,
when I was a babe you cared for me.
Now I have grown to be wild and free!
Reunited with nature, it's suppose to be,
for the circle of life, is now up to me."

He needed a rehabber's helping hand,
All grown up, but still my little man.
Forever and ever, born to be free,
reunited with nature, as was meant to be.
For the circle of life, is what he will see.

by Linda J. Sweeney
Wildlife Rehabilitator