Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Where to begin?

April was a busy season for the southern states [and as always, Ohio and NYC]. Nary a word about coonies in the Northwoods. No orphans. No injured. No road kill. It was as if they had been swooped out of the Northwoods. Ottowa Canada reported a huge litter -- ten in a single litter. Then the virus hit.

Several humane societies shut down due to this virus killing hundreds of dogs in days. It traveled from the western states to the coasts and down from Canada, eastern and western states simultaneously. Rehabbers began losing the intakes that had been in contact with those faciites. It was all very scary.

It is a matter of pride to be a member in "Coon Central" -- our Yahoo groups pulled together and got supplies to the rehabbers in need on an impressive scale. The LBA took on a life of it's own and many illegal raccoons were relocated to LBA members and all worked out quite well.

Email contacts to the orphanage went through the roof this year. Good thing there were no neonates early in the season because between 12-30 emails for rescues were arriving daily. I became exhausted and didn't even have to feed babies yet!!

This went on until I became concerned there really "weren't" any orphans up here this season. A break would have been awesome, but where were the wild animals other than all those getting this virus in all different states?

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