Thursday, November 20, 2008

and then there were three

Well. The president of the Wisconsin Wildlife Rehabber's Association caught wind of my trip to the sanctuary. It was a few days later she called and said they had a litter in and weren't even going to take them out of the kennel they arrived in, were bringing them right up to the orphanage. She said 'want to just work with them a few days and see if they integrate okay?' I said "you know full well you bring them up here you can kiss em goodbye -- they won't be sent back anywhere". She said "good, because I'm already on my way". lol. So. About forty five minutes later the triplets arrived. Gorgeous little 6 week old girls. From a barn in Algoma. Still too little for Lil Dood though. He'd have chewed em up and spit em out. He had anger issues resulting from his ordeal.

By now Lil Dood had adopted Kamir [my guard dog]. Kamir fell madly in love with the Lil Dood, which was odd as she doesn't really want to play with any other critter around here. But her and the Lil Dood were pretty much inseparable. They absolutely adored each other. Kamir doesn't allow anybody else to enter her kennel. But the Lil Dood had full carte blanche from her. She even allowed Lil Dood to eat her dog food when he felt like it.

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