Sunday, November 23, 2008


May came and so did a call to come rescue a little fawn. Well. With the price of gas and being laid off I couldn't drive 75 miles one way unfortunately. They got quite upset with me yelling I get paid good money to do this. Didn't matter what I tried to explain, they seemed to think I make a hefty income rescuing these wild ones. Fact is, I pay good money to do it. Call it a hobby if you think I'm nuts for working my butt off for no monetary advancement. I do get paid though. The unconditional love and trust of a wild animal can't be bought with money.

Just so happened another vet tech was in the area and brought me the fawn. The people wouldn't give it up at first. Why I don't know. They had three different stories of where he was found so I could only assume he had been kidnapped while waiting for mother to return from feeding.

He was stabilized and taken to Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary where they had just gotten in another fawn his age. On the way down I got my first ever driving ticket. I didn't pull into the left lane when there was a state patrol sitting on the shoulder. $160.00 ticket. Oh well. The fawn was safe.

Please people .... if you see a fawn all by itself laying down and mother is nowhere to be seen? Just leave it there. Stay away from it, fawns become humanized in less than one minute of seeing you. Mother is eating so she can produce milk to feed her fawn. Those that come into rehab? They learn to love humans and that's not good at hunting season. If you see it alone in the same spot and getting weak for several days? Yes. Call a rehabber, call a vet, call the DNR, but don't take it away.

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