Friday, November 21, 2008

sometime in mid-June

Mid June brought a few difficult cases. The arrival of Eliza and Bethanne was heartbreaking. Such tiny dehydrated little creatures. They had such pleading looks in those little sunken eyes. Their little bodies had lain in the elements for a day too long. It was difficult for them to move and they were covered with parasites. Their siblings had crossed over the night before.

The story I was told on their intake came from an outraged vet tech. She'd heard about some kids killing a mother raccoon, injuring the babies and leaving them lay in the woods. She found where they were and brought them to the orphanage. She got supplies for those girls, came back the next day with syringes and needles. She helped subQ when they arrived. She was a blessing.

Treatment rid them of their parasites. SubQ fluids eased their suffering. They tried to fight the senseless abuse, starvation and dehydration off. But it just wasn't to be. Their hides had become thick and stiff like tanned leather, much like a thick leather belt feels. Imagine trying to move in skin so badly abused having been tanned alive like that. Their eyes were sunken in so it was as if little black holes in space were trying to focus at the world once again. Eliza gave up to cross rainbow bridge and left Bethanne behind for a few days. They were buried next to each other and each given their own purple pansy plant to mark their fleeting existence.

We need to teach kids that it is NOT fun to harm wild animals. It is NOT okay. It is wrong and it is against Mother Nature. Please! Teach your kids and grandkids to be kind. That animals really do have feelings and families too. Good citizens? My heart is broken for the lack of knowledge your children have about our wild animals.

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