Tuesday, November 18, 2008

19 degrees in the Northwoods

I've gotten several emails asking if everything was okay here at the wildlife orphanage.

Truth is, I must apologize!! I didn't know there were so many readers!!

It's been a very busy year here and for all rehabbers. We were hit with an unknown virus hitting the coonie populations from Ontario Canada to Florida and spread in between. Little ones succumbing to the virus within three days of onset. And now flu season is coming .... I wonder how many hoomans know coonies can catch the flu?

Dory & the Orphans Christmas video was featured on Waukesha Sewer Raccoon News a few weeks or months ago or something. This blog follows the lives of the coonies living in the sewers of Waukesha. And the owner David Dix is quite diverse in his posts.

There is much to tell if there are those listening. So I will get these fingers fired up and let you all in on the season's journey and get you up to date at the wildlife orphanage.

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