Monday, February 2, 2009

Happy Groundhog's Day 2009

In Memory of Winnie the woodchuck
As usual, the coonies in the Coondo have their own thoughts about what any groundhog around the Northwoods might think. Seems checking the archives? The coonies have been correct more often than the 'famous' groundhogs. At any rate? This morning the coonies in the Coondo [on the CoonCam] have predicted an early spring for the Northwoods.Last year's over winters didn't even peek out of the cubby on groundhog's day. Today's overwinters are ready to go dig and climb and explore. Probably to find mates if they could as well.

Males and females don't stay together after breeding season. Males aren't allowed to remain part of the litter after they reach approximately a year of age. They are chased off and form bachelor groups. The older boar males prefer to be loners. But many times the families will reunite to den up over winter if it's a particularly cold one. Didn't see that happening this winter, as most didn't even go into their psuedo-hibernation [called torpor].

There have also been way too many rescue calls for this time of year. Porcupines are abundant in the Northwoods right now. Enjoy your sunny day today and be kind to our wildlife. Watch for them when you drive, many don't see very well.

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