Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Hanna from Sweden

Coonie story

I am Hanna. I am 9 years old.
My grandma knows a lady called Matzo cooniemum.
She has coonies that she looks after. When they are sick.
Have seen pictures of cooniebabies and watched a cooniecam where you can look at them.
We don't have coonies in sweden, they live where Matzo lives and on another place. Think it was Canada.
Very good that there is a cooniemum that takes care of them.
But they are not pets. When they get well they are going out and play later.
Maybe they will have new coonies. If they fall in love.
Grandma says that you can't touch wild animals.
I saw a roe deer baby.
Oh by the way coonies are racoon if you didn't know that..I love them.
I hope they will come here but I don't think they will.
They want to live in their homecountry.
And the sick goes to aunt Matzo so she can make them healthy.
I'm gonna learn english so I can ask auntie Matzo later.

Hugs to all coonies and Matzo

written by Hanna at Grandma's

Hanna lives in in Nacka - suburb to Stockholm Sweden. The pic is Hanna blowing me kisses because I threw her kisses on the CoonCam. What a wonderful story she has written for her class! Thanks Hanna!! Big coonie hugs to you from cooniemum.

Thank you Ewa for translating this to English for me!!

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