Monday, February 18, 2008

Hmmmm... Northwoods closed again this year?!

After watching close to a foot of snow fall since yesterday at daylight, it's quite peaceful outside. Pleasant at 20 degrees with no wind chill. Although there are some pretty deep drifts everywhere. The snow is higher than the tail lights on the GeeWiZ van. Don't think GWZ is going anywhere anytime soon -- or even today it looks like. lol.

Hiway & Shazbot have what appears to be 'peek holes'. They're out on the CoonCam this morning checking out the snowfall -- way on the right side of the screen. Not much snow got inside of their enclosure so they're pulling handfulls of it inside to them.

Not sure why but some people are getting still shots of the CoonCam and others seem to get the live feed fine. So I don't know how to resolve the problem. I get a still shot on the computers I've tried.

The Northwoods is indeed closed again today. So unusual for that to happen, and now it's twice just this year! Anybody want to tell me if my coonies called it spot on or if those ground hogs two weeks ago had a clue getting people's hopes up?

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