Saturday, February 2, 2008

Winnie Saves the Day!

I got this from a fellow rehabber {some of you may know Suz -- 'squirlwhirl'}. Had to share this with all of you.

Milwaukee wasn't going to have a groundhog day this year because "Walnut" the zoo's resident hog died. They had a Plan B, which consisted of sticking a taxidermed groundhog in the ground. Check out the photo of "Beverly" who was going to be used as a substitute...omigod, I can't believe they were going to use that thing! LOL. Only in Milwaukee...

So the Wildlife in Need Center here decided to offer their educational animal "Winnie" as a replacement to save the day. You can read about our sweet Winnie the hero and see a photo of the little princess in her "throne" at


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