Saturday, February 2, 2008

My Coonie's Ground Hog Day Prediction

Every year on Ground Hog's day, I observe the activity of the coonies out in the Coondo. Raccoon Orphanage has had coonies wintering over in the Coondos every February 2nd for -- well -- I don't remember how long. But I find their predictions far more accurate than any Punxatawney Phil, etc. And the coonies are telling me this morning that we're in for the long haul with more winter weather. Probably more than we bargain for because not a one of the orphans has poked so much as even a whisker out of the Coondo or mini-coondos this morning -- and it's nearly 11 a.m.

Best batton down those hatches because the worst is yet to come according to these Northwoods Furbutts.

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