Monday, March 10, 2008

Yup - the Northwoods is still here ...

An email came asking if all is okay and why hasn't the blog been blogged lately. Thanks so much for caring enough to ask 'chalson5472'.

With the extremes in weather, utility bills, mortgage and insurance payments all piling up, classes canceled due to the weather, it's taking all of my time to get ready for spring birthing. Many emails have come in for assistance in placing adult coonies not making it through the winter too well. And weather interfering again.

We are in need of financial funding asap or it's going to get ugly. lol. If anyone wants to send a few dollars visit Dory & the Orphans page toward the bottom for more info. [and thanks!]

I have been working on promoting the raccoon rescue almost non-stop for about six weeks. Currently assisting in this part of the quest is Hippie Surf, StartXChange and Royal Surf. If you have a website or affiliate link to promote, and need free traffic for surfing, visit those sites.

meanwhile...... remember ....
we are born free, now live to serve, we are the LBA, so mums the word

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