Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Sleepless in Chequamegon

So-o-o, Matzo is posting in at 2, 3, 4 o'clock AM...perhaps all the grey days have thrown off the internal clock, or being a seasoned rehabber she just doesn't sleep? No, i know, i know! Hangin' round with coonies all these years she has developed nocturnalism?!
Can't wait to see the "little" guys tearing around the coondo when the bruins move out! Wonder what we'll overhear in the woods then?
Which reminds me, we never did put the "Overheard" in from the last release...here it is, or something pretty close to it:
Overheard inwood from the vicinity of Stanley, Kudos, Lillith and Blondie's release site:

Hey, anybody see MatzoMom today?
Nope. Hmm, wonder if she's ok?
Wonder where she is?
Wish she could see me climb this great tree...way better'n the fence!!! Up 'n' up with no wire ceiling..wo-owwww. And look how much we can SEE from wayyyy up here!!! oh-oh. pretty high. hm.. (scrabblescrabblescrabble). huh? I did NOT get skared, i WANTED to come down fast.
How is she gonna spend her days without us?
And where'd those other three go anyhow? How come they didn't get to ride in the box out here to this giant coondo?
Bet Matzo still thinks a wasp got Ollie's ear... wonder if he'll ever tell her it was me??? Well, he shouldn'ta gone after MY apple...
Boy, i got an itch right...there. sure wish MatzoMom was here to scritch it for me...hey! lookit this! BARK works for scritchin', too!!! Hey you
gu-uys!!! lookit this, didja know? bark works for scritchin' !
Wish MatzoMom was here with apples...Hey try these little crunchy bugs!
Nah, i like the swimmy things better.
This place is SO cool!

Nite, Mom, wherever you are.
Miss you, but This is so great! ................. and Hey? .......thanks.

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  1. Guess it's habit getting up every four hours to feed babies. Just aren't any babies to feed at that hour anymore right now.

    I hope Stanley, Kudos, Lillith and Blondie have found their Big Adventure interesting. Truth is I miss them so much it hurts.