Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Northwoods got cold!!!

Seems the weather has gotten more to a 'normal' October up here. 44 degrees, feels like 38. It would have been nice if Mother Nature hadn't dropped 3 degrees an hour from 90 degrees and sunny on Monday to bleak and raining -- feels like snow could hit if it really felt like it. Good 'ol Wisconsin weather.

Leon, Louie and Oliver were just laying around in the Coondo door around 4 a.m. grooming each other. The things the CoonCam isn't powerful enough to witness really is a shame. To see these 30 pound boys in a pile grooming each other's necks -- and then Louie snapping at Oliver for doing it wrong. These orphans should have cameras and sound like Animal Planet does. Ever watch Sunrise Earth on Animal Planet? 6 a.m. it comes on. My parakeets really like it. You hear the sounds of the birds and creatures stirring and waking up. They answer back and get all happy about it. Hiway tries to catch things on the tv screen -- she hasn't figured out yet she isn't going to be able to.

Off to Lakewood in the Chiquamegon Forest today. I will try to take some video footage of how autumn looks with so many trees missing, but no guarantee with the nasty stuff going on out there right now.

After looking at the blog progress, and seeing how boring it looks when there are no pictures with the articles -- I was looking at some old photos. So here's one of my favorite pictures of one of my favorite rehabs. My princess Arwyn, the little red squirrel. This photo was just a few days after she arrived. She'd been thrown from her nest by a tornado, and a small branch pierced her on the way down. She hit a sidewalk and was found by a very nervous and extremely caring lady. This lady wrapped Arwyn in a little piece of shirt fabric and brought her 30 miles to the Orphanage in the aftermath of the tornado.

She wasn't well, her body functions weren't working. Her entire stomach was so brusied and the puncture didn't look good either. I was holding her in my hand asking her to go potty so she could heal. Mariah walked in the room with the camera and declared a Coondak Moment and started snapping shots one after another. Only this photo had that tranparent figure in it like that. All I can say is that Arwyn did potty for me and the rest is history.

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