Sunday, October 7, 2007

New Orphan at the Orphanage

You know you are making a difference in the lives of the critters when on a Saturday night just before midnight the local chief of police knocks on your door with a stray kitten in arms. She didn't know what else to do at that hour. Chief Soletski had gotten a call about a stray kitten near the highway by a local day care facility. She went to retrieve it, but at that hour no shelter is open. Here at Dory & the Orphans orphanage, it doesn't matter what time it is if a critter needs help. Very bad timing for this little one though. The Homecoming dance was in progress and when the police show up at the door at that hour and you have a teenager at that event? Well. Kittens aren't the first thing that cross your mind.

This little grey kitten isn't a feral. He's not wild enough and he likes Kamir {my guard dog}, however doesn't seem to be too friendly for a 7 week old baby. He does have an injury to his lower jaw, an abrasion or possibly some type of burn. But he eats like a horse and complains about having to be in a large kennel for now -- he seems happy on Shazbot's old halter and leash -- he just doesn't want to be in the kennel with only stuffies -- can't say I blame him for that. He won't be staying at the orphanage long. Monday Chief Soletski will take him to the animal shelter in our county. She will check the area for siblings in the event this little one was dumped at the day care by an irresponsible pet owner. Hopefully it wasn't an entire litter of kittens and this little guy just wandered away from his home. But such a little kitten shouldn't be left out to wander alone at night in the Northwoods [anywhere actually], and he's safe for now.

On Monday Chief Soletski brought a new human for the little kitten to live with. He will not have to go to any shelter and will have a couple of dogs and other cats for companionship.

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