Tuesday, December 9, 2008

early a.m. in the Northwoods

Snow's still falling, schools are getting cancelled [but not here yet]. Temps have been down in the single digits for days. The main water pipes broke in the Village a few days ago. We didn't have any water off and on for 3 days. Had it back on overnight at least.

From having no snow late in the year to it snowing every day is quite a rude change. Coonies finally decided to stay all tucked in the cubbies in their hay and fall into torpor until the weather warms up a bit. Particularly watching little Bonzai this year. He is pretty small and wants mama instead of sleeping with the littermates. He was just a shiverin up a storm calling mama to come love him ... so I did and then he went to cubby up with the others.

No water in this deep freeze. They must eat snow or ice for liquids -- it freezes too fast and they wouldn't be finding any pools of water on the Big Adventure right now. Any wet on their paws and they'd be sticking to the chain link and hardware cloth harming their foot pads. And if coonies see water? Automatic get in it and get all four paws wet time.

OK days'a wastin and much to do....

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