Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Another below zero day

Just getting colder and colder up here. Ice on top of snow and now more snow headed this way tonight. Perhaps it will be enough to make our wild ones actually get into their proper mode of hibernating and prevent early births.

After putting out a post to the LBA? Seems the coonies are doing this pretty much collectively everywhere and we are having record temperature lows not seen since 1990.

Reports have been coming in of babies frozen in the snow, pregnant raccoons already -- in December!! Things just not looking good for normal spring season. All you rehabbers be prepared for the neonates far earlier this coming spring.

Houston reporting distemper cases, Missouri reporting pregnant females, bears not in hibernation. As the old chief has stated, animals are beginning to prepare for a revolt that is due to come about. Mother Nature is not happy with what hoomans have done to her precious planet and may just take it upon herself to fix the problem -- the virus we call mankind.

Please -- if you haven't already started doing your part to help our Mother Earth? Please start now. Even a small step is better than none. Reuse, recycle, go green.

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