Monday, December 15, 2008

-15 in the Northwoods

Well. After all that snow it decided to rain. -15F with the wind chill today. Coondo locks, hasps, doors, everything frozen shut. But coonies all out and about. How strange is that? Coonies out in -15 in mid December? My poor babies all just a shakin asking mom what's going on here?

Unfortunately, since they aren't in torpor like they should have been for the past 6 weeks or so? They are going through 20lbs of dog food a day. Most expensive winter over I've ever run across.

Little Hercules muffin had his tail amputated. He still has a 4" nubbie and he looks absolutely adorable with it. Long haired kitten and just a little fluff of a tail. He's doing quite well and will be going home to his family for Christmas. What better gift could I give than to give him his own home and kids to love him? But alas. The time we've spent together? I fell in love and will cry when he goes home. But. If you love something give it freedom and the best you have to offer. I will be able to visit him so it'll be okay.

Little Bonzai is still just a little mama's boy. Would rather mama cuddle him than eat. Kind of concerns me though. His sibs are twice his size [but he rules the Coondo -- go figger]. Today they are all just shivering. One day we will have an inside space for the Coondos so they can go inside if they want to. But that's down the road a ways.

Keep warm and be safe.

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