Thursday, January 17, 2008

Winter at the Raccoon Orphanage

It snowed in the Northwoods -- finally. I mean it really snowed. Started early last night sometime and hasn't quit yet -- twenty four hours later. It's a very pleasant snow. Sparkly, glittery little floating entities slowly piling up everywhere. It looks like it's fragile little balancing pieces of glittering powder. I had to shovel an accumulation of about a foot off the top of Hiway & Shazbot's mini-coondo. The weatherman says we're in for sub-zero weather tomorrow and colder over the weekend. The kids got sent home from school today at lunch time. It's pretty rare to get a snow day in Coleman!

Lillian made a rare appearance - but if you watch the video you'll see she's very careful not to put her feet right in the snow. She spends some time eating a few icicles from the top of the Coondo perimeter though. But I think she's giving me a bit of a 'what ARE you doing' look when she sees me through the window moving the CoonCam trying to get her climbing antics.

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