Sunday, January 20, 2008

Packer Game

Today is going to be interesting. We should get to see all the die hard Packer fans freezing their butts off at the game in thirty below weather. [In case you don't know, in weather like this, skin freezes within thirty seconds or less.] On the early morning news they report that the Green Bay police department is taking three hour shifts to make sure no Packer fans take their clothes off at the game and everyone is dressed appropriately for the weather. Seems me adults should already know this and why spend police dollars making sure idiots keep their clothes on in public because it's below zero weather? I say let the idiots that want to take their clothes off at the game just freeze to death. It would be rather quick and fairly painless if they have enough beer in em. If they don't have the brain to not go out and get half nekked in this weather then perhaps the gene pool could do without their genetic copies.

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