Sunday, January 6, 2008

Mid Winter Meltdown

Yup. You can hear the water dripping in little waterfalls outside already this morning. Sounds like a spring rain -- but it's just the snow and ice melting. Nearly 40 degrees and the sun isn't up yet. A 'normal' year we have icicles 6 feet long hanging everywhere.

Benjamin & Lillian were pretty rambunctious around 2 pm yesterday and if the weather holds, they probably will be today too. They rather enjoyed having water instead of ice to play with. There's a pretty good fog out there this morning though so the CoonCam may see that. When we get a meltdown like this, it causes steam to rise and make awesome fog cover.

Weather like this in early January is going to get a lot of furry critters out and about exploring and bouncing around. I even saw a patch of lawn yesterday!!

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