Saturday, September 8, 2007

The Lakewood Triplets Big Adventure

Friday August 30, 2007 was release day for the Lakewood Triplets. These three were the last of the many injured and orphaned survivors of the F3 tornado that ripped up our Chequamegon National Forest. Found alone and starving at a lake huddling waiting for mother for many days, they were rescued by caring citizens and brought to Dory & the Orphans Coondo, arriving on July 23rd in an Avon™ box. They are quite happy to be back on their Big Adventure and found the Blackberry bushes to be the most interesting. Footage of their release is on Youtube/matzosnet

Benjamin & Lillian have moved in to the Lakewood Triplets disinfected mini-coondo. Hiway has decided she'd rather spend more time with Lillian & Benjamin than as my shadow now.

Sarah {whom I lovingly call Shazbot} has decided she wants to be in a bigger area now, so she can be seen on the far right of Cam2 when weather permits. The others still want to help her get rid of the end of her tail, but it's almost healed, so it won't be long she may be able to join Lillian, Benjamin & Hiway.

The Monster babies and the Menard's babies will be going on their Big Adventure within days - perhaps today for Lillith & Stanley weather permitting. Kudos, Stanley, Oliver, Blondie, Louie and Lillith are ready to go explore the world a.s.a.p. Leon Menard's is not ready -- he prefers Daisy's pink dinosaur stuffy {minus the stuffing} and waiting for mom. Hopefully the juvies will be able to join Leon in the Big Coondo soon.

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