Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Kudos, Lillith, Blondie, & Stanley go on their Big Adventure

Yesterday evening was Big Adventure day for Lillith & Blondie Mendard's, Stanley Monster boy, and Kudos my hit by a truck survivor. At this time I cannot relate much about their release as it is too difficult to think about. I will say that they did not want me to leave, but wanted me to go on their Big Adventure with them. When they understood I could not, they each hugged my knee, got one last loving pat and scratches, and then wandered off to explore their great new world in the forest. One day perhaps I can go on the Big Adventure with my babies, but not this time. With a very heavy heart I wish my babies the utmost safety and plentiful food sources.

Video of their release will be posted when I can watch it long enough without tears in my eyes to edit it.


  1. Oh Matzo, the tears are flowing openly for ya GF. I don't know how your heart can take it, I think I can only do soft releases now.


  2. Thanks Frannie.

    The container that keeps my shattered heart pieces together is the hope to be out of Village limits and get into the boonies. Then they will know how to come home if they find themselves injured, hungry or lonely.

    Other than that, between now and Rainbow Bridge? There are others who need me more.

    Love ya GF!