Saturday, July 25, 2009

Poem to the LBA

These creatures in our care?
They may be found most anywhere
Some are wild some are pets
Some won't even be seen by vets
You might see some that are so small
They appear to be nothing at all
Or others immense and very scary
If you look the sizes vary
They purr, they fight, they even bite
some nocturnal, up all night

When you walk into my home
It's only me but I'm never alone
Walk slowly if the dog lets you in
Speak softly, do not wake the ones within
There are rescued ferals, unwanted birds
baby coonies, squirrels, turds
All unwanted by the hooman race
all disadvantaged because of that fast pace
Mothers killed, kidnapped or trapped
left to die -- who cared about that?
"Let Mother Nature take it's course"?
You built the road and drove the cars
Now these creatures are one of ours.

These creatures in our care?
They belong most anywhere
When you walk in my home
you'll find the creatures not alone
Our spirits intermingle we give each other strength
we have today and that is all, we'll do what we must do
for tomorrow never gets here, this morning is half gone
We will go through here and now because that isn't long.



  1. Matz,
    I hope Hiway is better now! Such a calamity.
    Betty Knutson

  2. Thank you Betty. She has survived so far and is improving. It has changed her though, and now she and Shazbot are arch enemies due to their lengthy separation. This really saddens me, but I am so happy Hiway & Shazbot didn't leave me as the others did.