Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Poem for my babies

My babies aren't perfect
They all have some little flaw
Some are only orphans
others with a hurt little paw
It matters not they are imperfect
They are little loves you see
They come in sometimes broken
But it matters not to me
I love them and they love me back
We are a sight to see
If ever in the Northwoods
Come visit imperfection and me

Pics in order:
Crooked Lake babies (4): Hauled up in a boat from a storage locker in Green Bay. Mother was trapped in the boat for a week, finally made an escape hole and found poison to eat. Babies were put in a HavAHart trap in a small cardboard box in an attempt to trap mama. 36 hours later a game warden brought them to the orphanage seriously heat exhausted and dehydrated. 3 weeks of age.

Lac Butte de Morts babies (5}: 7 weeks of age. Highway runs along the water close to the edge and mother was hit by a car and killed.

Phylbert a 6 week old grey squirrel: Brought home by a black lab and left to eat bird seed over the weekend. Arrived 4 days later at the orphanage with a broken back leg. Vet could not fix him but physical therapy is getting him back in shape. He's at a growth spurt due to his age and his chances of survival in the wild in about 6 weeks is looking good.

Arajah the Western Painted turtle. Permanent resident of the orphanage. Arrived a year ago [brought home by a dog - tooth marks still visible on her shell] painted red with hot tar on her head and shell. Serious injury to the head. This has affected her eyesight on one side and she lives in the garden during summer months. She is currently hanging out in one of her favorite positions checking out what's left in the planter.

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