Thursday, January 8, 2009

So much happens ... so little time

Please excuse the fly-by post today. I am doing some serious multi-tasking here.

By the way -- this is Bonzai in the pic on the right. I mentioned he was not going to make it in the Coondo over wintering. Spent all his time making little snowballs and eating them just shivering. Never did put any autumn fat on his tail. Anyway, now he is hibernating somewhat and has put on a few pounds since New Year's Eve.

The CoonCam bit the dust. Started smoking and stinking and switched a breaker fuse even. Kaput went the CoonCam.

So I made mention of it on the CoonCam page. Also complained on StartXChange in the chat room - they were all helping get the live streaming working. A few days later when I let Kamir outside at around 1:30 a.m. here is a box on the porch. UPS delivery. It's a new CoonCam from Bill in the Adirondaks!! So I go post that in the SX Chat and come to find out that there was a covert operation going on in the ranks of Team Clean Living. So it appears we will have two views of the Raccoon Orphanage soon.

So of course, as soon as daylight was here I set up the new CoonCam and Soroya in Australia saw her first live snow. She has also seen her very first coonies ever. What do you think of that LBA?


  1. Wow, thanks Matzo, I got to see snow falling and real live racoons for the first time. May God bless you for the aid you give His critters.

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