Friday, January 9, 2009

New CoonCam!!

Photos are Arajah on intake & after care

And today the CoonCam arrived from the "Operation CoonCam" project at SX. Inside informants tell me the responsible parties are: Diana, Steph55, Soroya, Bonnie, Ewa, Cookie, Donna, Kim, and our fearless leader Adam. Thanks so much to all of you!!

This CoonCam can be mounted on a helmet and runs on batteries. What this means is that future release videos can be the complete release as I view it! I don't think Operation CoonCam knew how handy this little feature is!!

Meanwhile, we are still trying to get live streaming video out to everyone. For some reason only some can get the live feed, and others cannot. This is not broswer specific either so am running out of things to look at as the problem. Any input would be helpful. Just post a comment on this post and it'll get to me.

Thanks everybody for what you do to help our wildlife!!

1 comment:

  1. So glad I could help you even if I'm not in the same country as you!
    Now I'm waiting for the Coon Cam to start working so I can see Coonies for real!
    You're doing a awesome job Matzo!
    Keep it up!!!