Monday, October 26, 2009

You GOTTA be kidding me ...

I ran into Dick & Mona at the Piggly Wiggly about an hour ago. They have 80 acres of Northwoods about 8 miles out of the Village. A big part of it is a maple tree stand. They tap the maple trees in early spring season. About 4 acres of it and ponds in the spring, a creek later in season. We built Dory & the orphans release mini-coondo out there in an old gnarly woodpecker tree. Little Arthur, Porky, Little Mini, & YouSoStanky inhabit that section of those woods. Behind their property {about a mile away} many others went on their Big Adventure up the hill into the holler. Watch the youtube videos if you want to see which beautiful coonies that neck of the woods belongs to. It borders DNR land. Dick is having a problem with trappers back in there and the DNR won't come out. They said we have to get the license plate numbers and then call back because he doesn't have enough field help. I'm livid. They are putting up traps on posted private property and the game warden won't come out. We have to catch them first. I can't believe this. I don't feel well. Have had this 'swine flu' for over a week now. Sitting vigil watching for poachers is going to do me in in this rain & bad weather. Wish me luck. Even when there is a safe place there are hoomans that choose to do as they wish no matter who gets hurt. please send me strength ... why can't the hoomans just leave us alone if we are on private property? And why on God's green Earth will the DNR just let them do it?

Say prayers for my orphans will you please?

thank you.


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