Monday, August 24, 2009

Northwoods weather

Well. It appears winter is setting in up here in the Northwoods -- or so it
seems. OK call it autumn if you want but it's too freakin COLD! Up to 53 [11.66C] now but it's 6 a.m. and August. It should be HOT. Or at least above 70 [21C] ....

Release day in the Northwoods this week for the ones that escaped the poisoning. Grand total of 3. Kinda makes my stomach sick -- should be an even dozen.

Hiway, Shazbot & Shirley appear to have made a nice recovery. However, since Hiway & Shazbot were separated for so long during their poisoning recovery? They are now arch enemies and cannot be housed together anymore. How sad. After 2 1/2 years of being constant companions, a stupid evil hooman poison has caused them to not know each other anymore.

There is another even dozen little coonies in Blarnia [the out building] that are still very small. Quite unusual for this time of year in the Northwoods -- they may be able to become inhabitants of the big Coondo by this week sometime. They will need several weeks of good weather to prepare for our Northwoods winters. Let's hope Mother Nature allows us that.

Phylbert [the baby gray squirrel who had a broken leg] has made a full recovery and gets to run around outside of his pre-release cage sometimes. He's about ready to go on his Big Adventure any day -- actually -- he can go already if he wants to but he likes to stick around closer to the orphanage. Like on top of my head or in my arms. :^)

Texas please send heat.

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