Tuesday, March 10, 2009

March Madness still

Some of you know I made front page of the Eagle Herald in Marinette a week or two ago. {Schulz I saved you a copy just haven't mailed it}. Okay. One email and I have a new soft release site outside of Marinette. 5 acres of land and a volunteer who wants to get licensed. Blessing of the best kind.

Another email from Virginia rehabbers. yes. more LBA folks.

Last night? A phone call from Madison. gulp. Schulz.... Dane County protectionists ... a 10 year political group ... is trying to control the killing business of the DNR and get the Wisconsin laws changed so that citizens who care about the wildlife and killing them can get involved. I'm shaking. They want me to get involved with this campaign. This is LBA being invited to join the fight against the laws allowing the killing of our wildlife. All my Wisconsin LBA members please email me your mailing addy so I have it current and can get you posters if you want them.

Ok. I'm shaking. School is 2 hours delay for the ice. Imagine school delayed in the Northwoods. Okay. The clincher? Early release at 1:50 besides. sheesh. So. Will be calling Madison back when komd's slow down and school is in session. Will be getting Posters, fliers to hand out, there will be voting in all counties of Wisconsin on April 13 at 6:30 p.m. for election of this position. Patricia Randolph is the lady who has contacted me.

Need spring baby pics please LBA


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