Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Eve in the Northwoods

We had a thick fog set in for two days that started melting about everything. Yesterday it was beautiful out and all the ice melted that was in the swimming pool and frozen to the ground pans. I gave the coonies some fresh warm water and Hiway & Shazbot particularly enjoyed playing in the water and standing in it. Benjamin & Lillian don't seem to care much. They don't even go in the pool. My Hiway has outgrown her halter. Haven't been able to find one quite like it her size yet. Then later on in the morning it started to freezing rain and snow. Doesn't look like too much on the ground -- a few inches maybe. I hear the snow plows so it must be icy under that little bit of snow.

A couple of 'the boys' -- Arthur's growing up buddies -- are home on leave. One from the Army & one from the Marines. Those rowdy little kindergarten boys got so big. Brandon's wife Danielle is a sweetheart. Stever is scheduled for deployment in a few months.

Have a safe and happy Christmas Eve.

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