Sunday, November 4, 2007

4 a.m. visitor

Around 4 a.m. I thought I heard someone banging on the door to come in. Kamir said she heard it too because she ran to the window to look, and then ran to the door. She usually jumps up on the door to look out that window too, but upon seeing nothing - ran back to the other window. So I go look. Nobody there. So I open the door, nobody there. Open the storm door to check the Coondos, and in flies Shazbot.

Yesterday we rearranged Hiway & Shazbot's mini-coondo. Put the portable fencing around it so they have some outside time and space. We filled it with maple leaves from the yard. To watch them jump and hide in the pile of leaves was better than any Animal Planet's best animal videos. Shazbot tried to hide from Hiway and pull a sneak attack. Well. With Hiway you don't even need leaves to hide in to surprise her that you're there. Then they'd just roll around together in the leaves like one big fuzzy ball.

It would appear that Shazbot found a way to get out. She's the first one who has gotten out of that enclosure other than the ones who fit right through the spaces -- usually about 9 or 10 weekers.

Well. Being 4 a.m. and dark outside, I put her in the house kennel -- thinking it'll be daylight in a couple hours. But NOoooooo. Shazbot had a conniption if I wasn't right there looking at her. Sounded like something was attacking her the urgency she was yelling at me with. So. Take her out, cuddle her, hug her [sassy as she is she does like her attention], put her back in for a moment so I can grab the lantern and keys to unlock her mini-coondo perimeter.

While unlocking it, Hiway decided to grab onto my arm and hug it for dear life. With her arms through the fence, and my arm on the other side, it took a while to get the door open. lol. Then back in to get Shazbot. Had to lock the mini-coondo til daylight - then we can watch to see just exactly where Sarah Shazbot found a way out.

It's actually rather pleasant outside this morning, much to my surprise that it's only 30 degrees out there. This weather has all my rehabs confused. Everybody was up and pacing at me this morning, and yesterday they all slept until around 1:30 p.m. It seemed partial hibernation was the order of the day -- and November they should all be sleeping in. But this November? Not a typical Northwoods November again this year.

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